— Screenprinting—

you envision,we create.

Screen printing is a technique that uses a woven mesh screen to support an ink-blocking stencil of a desired image. The stencil forms open areas of mesh that transfer ink which can be pressed through the mesh and onto a garment. This process of using a stencil to apply ink onto another material can be used to customize a wide range of garments which include but are not limited to t-shirts, coozies, vinyl, towels, bags and jackets. A print can be done as a one color, multiple "spot" colors or even a four color process. There are also various types of ink that can be used to give a garment a different appearance. Among the more popular of these types of ink are plastisol, which is standardly used for screen print, water based, which gives a softer "set in"feel, and process ink, which is used to create full color images. Ink colors can also be color or pantone matched to stay consistent with you other marketing items. Popular print locations include the left chest, full chest, center chest, full back, locker patch, hood and pocket print. All screen print orders must be a minimum of 12 pieces.